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Dr. Hans Peter Weinschenck

If medical conditions step by step start to rule your life, if you are definitely fed up from daily discomfort, if you are ready for a change: Do it now before even more problems occur!

Learn to improve your health through a unique one-to-one-coaching-session with Dr. Hans Peter Weinschenck (couples welcome).

  • Simple instructions will allow you to clearly understand the procedure.
  • Assessment of nutritional status
  • Assessment of intolerances (e.g. food, additives)
  • Assessment of medical status (in cooperation with your doctor).
  • Assessment of (multi)-medication, pharmacogenomic and computerbased check of drug-interactions, drug-metabolism, drug-efficacy and side-effects.
  • Individual concept for a compatible medication-strategy (in cooperation with your doctor).
  • Individual concept for a suitable, compatible, natural, additive-free nutrition-strategy.
  • If necessary: Individual concept for an additive-free-supplementation / detoxification - neatly adapted to your medication.
  • Individual concept for body-care from head to toe, dental care and physical activity.
  • Individual concept for a possible reduction of (multi)-medication (in cooperation with your doctor)
  • Individual clean-food-shopping: visit at a food-discounter and an organic shop, in order to learn what is important when buying food-products.
  • A demonstration to show how easy compatible, additive-free, organic cooking can be by cooking with the Weinschencks
  • Experience how clean and suitable food can taste and how it is tolerated: you are invited to share the meals with the family.
  • After 24 h you leave Satrup with a detailed individually for you prepared written concept: understandable and practicable.
  • Afterwards: you stay in contact with Dr. Weinschenck via telephone, e-mail or skype as long as you need it - contact at least every 4 weeks over a 3 month-period.


15.00 till 19.00 o'clock and from 8.00 to 13.00 o'clock on the following day, suitable clothing for a forest-walk recommended.

For further information please contact us.

Not included in fee: supplements, care-products and nearby idyllic accommodation

Unser Service für Sie
  • Diabetiker

  • Asthmatiker

  • Venenleiden

  • Allergiker

  • Schmerzen

  • Nasenprobleme

  • Gesundheits-
    beratung bei Fernreisen

  • Vitamine nach Maß

  • Babywaagen und Milchpumpen

  • Individuelle Hautpflege

  • Botendienst

  • Hilfsmittel

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